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The Enchanted Dream

In 1981, a story was started in the little town of McGregor. The Nistler Family had fallen in love with a landmark, a 100 year homestead. What could be done with this run-down house? Brenda and her husband LeRoy renovated it and it became the Country House.


This House, with its 13 rooms, offers Country and Victorian decor and crafts to all its visitors. It was mostly loved by women and when Brenda notice the men getting antsy, she decided to add the Ice Cream Room to keep them occupied. To her surprise, the men decided they wanted to shop too! So, Grandpa's Up North Cabin and Garden Shed were added. Soon the Tea Room was a buzz serving up hot coffee, tea, goodies, and soup in a bread bowl with cheesecake.


Then an amazing thing happened. The very house where Brenda was born was given to her. "What shall we do with it?", she wondered. This small house became the home of Grandma Millie's Antique Shop.


Soon the Tea Room was getting to small for all the customers who enjoyed eating while they visited. So, a replica of a one room school house was built and it became the School House Cafe. This quaint Cafe is decorated with plenty of unique memrobilia. 


You can enjoy many different things; breakfast, lunch, soup, salad, coffee or espresso with the absolute best rolls, bread, pies, cookies and cakes. With the option to dine either inside, outside or drive-thru, this truly is a dining destination for all!


The Nistler Family would like to welcome you for a visit! Won't you care to join us?

The Nistler Family - Summer 2018

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